Audio Production

Record Your Song Online

We provide a full suite of music, sound and voiceover production services for TV, film, commercials, video games, interactive applications and more.

Our southeast studio is digitally linked to our partner studio, Music by the Metric Ton in the Los Angeles area, providing a bi-coastal presence and allowing easy access to diverse A-list talent pools, while maintaining competitive, cost-effective pricing.

With an ever-expanding cross-country network of composers, sound designers and engineers, we stand ready to accommodate a wide range of project scopes and budgets.

  •  Full multi-track digital recording facility
  •  Music production, composition, jingles, soundalikes and stylealikes
  •  Voiceover, character voices, directing, ADR and dialogue editing
  •  Radio spots, audio branding, on-hold messaging
  •  Song Production/Collaboration and high quality demos for singer/songwriters
  •  Dynamic, interactive, multi-layered sound for video games, online applications and handheld devices
  •  Audio sweetening, production track cleanup, location based recording
  •  Sound design, SFX, ambient soundscapes, Foley
  •  Editing, mixing and mastering
  •  5.1 multi-channel mixing
  •  Remote session access via Skype

Our work is featured daily on television, radio and games throughout the world, but you can check out samples here.